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Your portfolio is constantly under siege. And the battle to keep, and add to, your returns seems like the only thing going uphill.

We've all been there.

Your story probably goes a little something like this: You bought the hot stock of the moment, and then watched as its competitor stormed the markets ... leaving your capital in the dust.

You can kick yourself over it ... or you can hope that your next investment makes up for the losses. But hope doesn't help bad stock picks get better.

For the past 8 years, though, fund managers and pro traders have been channeling their cash coffers into an extraordinary investment machine that's not only insulated them from the whims of the markets, but also bagged them triple-digit gains ... week after week after week ... because of it!

The good news is, this market is now open to "little guy" investors who are eager to open their brokerage statements again and see the big returns they've been missing out on.

Your fortune is about to change, literally. I'm going to show you how, right now. ...

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People tell me all the time that they've all but given up on making money with their investments.

Many times, they simply say, "Jim, just help me save what I have left."

If you've also adjusted your expectations of how much money you can make ... or tailored your lifestyle from the one you want to the one you can afford ... or settled for paltry single-digit returns because that's the best you think you can get ... then I'm here to tell you that today is the day that everything changes for you.

Recover From the 'Lost Decade'

The S&P 500 lost an incredible 21.4% during the 2000s. The last couple years of that decade alone wiped out more personal wealth than Steve Jobs' overall net worth!

But while all Jobs has to do is invent another product to take home a few more billion, the rest of us have to work at building our wealth.

There's a silver lining for those who know where to look. During the same difficult period for the markets, a new class of investments arrived just in time to help the "big guys" compound their firms' – and their own – wealth.

Not only did they cash in on huge gains, but with this unique approach, they harnessed an amazing way to limit their downside as well.

Overall, the returns were pretty impressive, just by making one new purchase every year.

  • Investment "A" – up 25.73% in 2000.
  • Investment "B" – up 13.33% in 2001.
  • Investment "C" – down only 1.67% in 2002.
  • Investment "D" – up 43.5% in 2003.
  • Investment "E" – up 75.13% in 2004.
  • Investment "F" – up 56.01% in 2005.
  • Investment "G" – up 81% in 2006.
  • Investment "H" – up 87.1% in 2007.
  • Investment "I" – up 110.9% in 2008.
  • Investment "J" – up 142.6% in 2009.

Best of all, the starting capital needed to generate these big, positive numbers wasn't anywhere near the Apple, Google or even Berkshire Hathaway stratosphere. In fact, for every $1,000 invested, would have returned an amazing $95,181.90 over the 10-year period... by making only one change to your portfolio each year.

These investment powerhouses are akin to mutual funds, but they're at least 10 times more powerful... and safer too.

Say Goodbye to Buying Bad Stocks... For Good

Throughout the history of the stock market, if there's one thing that consistently holds true, it's that you don't have to be an astute stock-picker to absolutely slay the market averages each year.

All you had to do was to pick the top-performing sector of the market each year. If you got that right, you'd be way ahead of the Steve Jobs and Warren Buffetts of the world, by a country mile.

However... during most of these time periods... there was just no easy or convenient way to capture and exploit the most powerful, profitable sectors that could have provided those Buffett-beating gains.

The fact is... there are now many ways to capture and exploit the strongest stock market sectors each year, without having to worry about picking the best stock in that sector (instead of the dog).

And the sad truth about mutual funds is that over 75% of the fund managers are not able to beat the market! (While the rest of them basically ARE the market.)

Not only that, but this powerful investment vehicle will let you "play" just about anything imaginable related to the financial markets ... from simple stock sectors, such as Healthcare, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, etc. to such exotic plays like currencies (without using the Forex market), commodities, stocks from just about any country or region of the world, real estate (including betting on the rise or fall of the price of houses)...

You name it, and I'll bet there's a way to play it... with this suddenly ultra-popular investment vehicle. 

But it gets even better....

You May Even Want To Pray For A Bear Market (Because They Can Make You Very Rich... Very Quickly)...

Until recently, there was no safe and convenient way to play a sharp market downturn, other than to try your hand at the techniques even seasoned professionals have trouble using correctly... like shorting stocks or buying put options.

But the fact of the matter is... if you know what you're doing, and your timing is right.... you can make a bloody killing in a bear market!

Market downturns usually happen much, much quicker than long-trending bull markets. So you can create wealth in a hurry.

Here's how it can be done...

First, take a look at Investment "I" in my list above. You could have made 110.9% in 2008 by simply buying and holding the security.

What's so remarkable about that?

It's this...

2008 was the worst year for the stock market since 1931, soon after the stock market crash that kicked off the Great Depression!

There were just a handful of the world's top investors who made even a tiny profit in 2008. And Warren Buffett was not one of them.

So how on God's Green Earth was an annual return of 110.9% possible?


It was done by betting against a sector of the market -- in this case, the Semiconductor industry.

And that's the beauty of this remarkable investment instrument. You can make LOTS of money in both bull and bear markets.

2002 was also a very bad year for the stock market, and you'll notice that 2002 was the only (slightly) negative year of returns in our list above.

But that's only because this particular bear market play was not around at that time.

Due to the sharp downturn that year, a gain of over 100% betting on the downside could easily have been possible had this investment instrument been around at the time.

Are you starting to sense the raw power of this incredible financial vehicle?

It's now time I let you in on the secrets of this amazing money machine...

It's Perhaps The World's First Perfect Investment Vehicle... Imagine A Top-Performing, Laser-Focused Mutual Fund That Trades Like A Stock...

It's one of the fastest-growing areas of the market (yet perhaps the most misunderstood)... bar none.

There were just 30 of these investments available to trade in 2003. As of the end of 2009, the number had exploded to 820 across the world, according to CNBC. In 2009 alone, a total of 134 new investments hit the market.

There are now over 1,000 of them.

What am I talking about?

Exchange-Traded Funds and Exchange-Traded Notes – otherwise known as ETFs and ETNs.

Think of the perfect marriage between mutual funds and stocks... offering the best of both worlds.

Basically, ETFs and ETNs are baskets of assets, bundled together and traded like stocks on the major exchanges. They're designed to mirror the performance of the underlying asset(s) that they represent – be it an index, country, currency, sector, or industry.

For example, in one transaction (and with just one share) you can buy the entire S&P 500 index... a batch of U.S. government 20-year + bonds... the whole country of Japan... the biotech sector... the top oil stocks... or the 200 most important small-cap companies.

The list seems endless... and continues to grow.

ETFs represent the fastest growing sector of the fund industry with money flooding into the marketplace at full throttle.  At the end of 2003, total investor assets in ETFs were $151 billion.

But at the end of 2010, that number had swelled to a record $1 trillion.

A top ETF manager recently told Investor's Business Daily: "Of the new money coming into our firm, about two-thirds of the equity investments are going into ETFs."

So why are ETFs so popular? More importantly, how do they work and how can you profit from them?

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How To Profit From The Many Benefits Of ETFs

It could arguably be called the "Perfect Storm" of the financial world...

The unique blend of the "best of the best" stock and mutual fund characteristics (and... more importantly... the resulting benefits) are what make ETFs so popular.

Here are just a few of the portfolio-enhancing benefits of ETFs:

More Diversification... Less Risk: Since ETFs allow you to buy a basket of assets in just one share, you can easily and immediately diversify your portfolio. You can also reduce your risk. After all, it's much safer to buy a collection of stocks together, rather than just individual ones. Losses from one are offset by the others.             

Flexibility: As opposed to mutual funds, which are priced once each day, you can trade ETFs like stocks throughout the day on the major U.S. exchanges. This gives greater flexibility, and also allows you to use options, margin, limit orders, and the ability to sell short... just like a stock.             

Liquidity: The first ETF was introduced in 1993, and volume was under 100,000 shares a day. But today there are over 1,000 ETFs, and tens of millions of ETF shares are traded each day.             

Low Cost & Dependability: Most ETFs have lower maintenance fees than standard mutual funds. For example, the industry average for mutual funds fees is about 1.5%, but is often much lower for index funds. Investing in ETFs allows you to create your own well-diversified portfolio without sales loads, redemption fees and other common restrictions of mutual funds. Plus, as index funds, you know what you're getting and can choose which sector you want to invest in.             

Greater Choice: The ETF investment universe is rapidly accelerating. There are now hundreds of ETFs covering a vast array of sectors and industries. And new ETFs are hitting the market all the time, opening up new opportunities. For example, just some of the areas available include: Financials, energy, gold, silver, currencies, countries, consumer goods, large-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, healthcare, biotech, real estate, technology. The list goes on.

So if you want to invest in a certain area, but don't want the risk of owning individual stocks, ETFs are a great alternative.             

Tax Benefits: Most ETFs have lower capital gains tax. In addition, since ETF investors trade shares on an exchange and not with the fund, ETF managers don't have to sell securities to pay off redeeming shareholders.

ETFs are inexpensive, liquid and dependable. They appeal to the largest investment institutions and the smallest individual investors – and give everyday investors an easy way to enter hard-to-reach sectors like commodities.

So if you're interested in diversification, asset allocation and flexibility – as you should be – then ETFs should make up an essential part of your portfolio.

But let's get to the most exciting aspect of ETFs... that of gigantic potential profits...

The "Lost Decade"? Here's How You Could Have Pumped Up Your Portfolio By 9,518%...

OK, now I'm going to reveal how... instead of suffering a 21.4% loss for the decade (by investing in the S&P 500)... you could have enjoyed an incredible 9,518% return.

The answer is... using some of the best ETFs and ETNs appropriately for each year.

Here's how the 9,518% return could have been made:

  • Investment "A": Consumer Staples Select SPDR - up 25.73% in 2000.
  • Investment "B": Consumer Discretionary Select SPDR - up 13.33% in 2001.
  • Investment "C": Health Care Select Sector SPDR -down only 1.67% in 2002.
  • Investment "D": streetTRACKS EURO STOXX 50 - up 43.5% in 2003.
  • Investment "E": iShares MSCI Austria Investable - up 75.13% in 2004.
  • Investment "F": iSharesS&PLatinAmerica 40 IndexFund-up 56.01% in 2005.
  • Investment "G": iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Fund-up 81% in 2006.
  • Investment "H": iPath MSCI India ETN - up 87.1% in 2007.
  • Investment "I": ProShares UltraShort Semiconductor - up 110.9% in 2008.
  • Investment "J": Market Vectors Coal - up 142.6% in 2009.

And... that enormous return could have been made by making only one change to your investment portfolio each year.

Imagine what kinds of returns would be possible if you took a more active role in managing your portfolio... all during the year!

It boggles the mind.

Could anything be better for vastly enhancing your chances of unusually large portfolio returns?

Well, there actually is something better.

And that's to let a seasoned expert tell you what to do... each and every week of the year...

... And Here's The Plan To Recover Your Portfolio From The Lost Decade...

Hi, my name is Jim Trippon. I'm a CPA and Financial Analyst in Houston, Texas.

You may have seen me on Fox Business News, CNBC, or CNN. Or perhaps you've read about my investment strategies in Investor's Business Daily or Barron's.

For decades, I've helped Houston-area millionaires protect and enhance their wealth.

I even wrote the book on how millionaires stay rich, entitled: "How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever: Retirement Planning Secrets of Millionaires and How They Can Work for You! "

So I know a few things about making money... and keeping it.

In my 27+ years as an investment adviser, I've used a unique approach that combines quantitative and fundamental analysis. That approach served subscribers to my China Stock Digest and Dividend Genius newsletters quite well as the "lost decade" faded from view.

China Stock Digest's model portfolio was up 62%, while Dividend Genius subscribers enjoyed returns of more than 70%.

That's better than triple the performance of the S&P 500!

And the potential for ETF returns is even better.

So that's why I've been looking forward to introducing a new ETF-related service for quite some time. And after months spent researching hundreds of ETFs, I'm extremely excited about the possibilities here.

You see, I intend to bring the same successful approach I'm taking with China Stock Digest and Dividend Genius to the world of ETFs... to help subscribers once again enjoy the kind of returns that simply cannot be had elsewhere.

In my view, the timing could not be better. You've probably heard more than a couple of so-called experts say that ETFs are one of the most important inventions in the world of finance in decades.

I couldn't agree more.

The appeal of ETFs is astounding... as there really is something for every type of investor in the ETF universe.

From emerging markets to dividend ETFs to bond funds to ETFs that track crude oil and gold, there is an ETF for everyone... from active traders to conservative investors.

But with so many alternatives, how can you be assured that you're holding the right ETFs for your investment objectives?

With 800+ ETFs currently available to U.S. investors and more coming to market nearly every day, the task is huge.

Throw in about 200 exchange traded notes (ETNs) and many investors are left to wonder what the differences among various ETFs are and are they making the right calls on their own.

This is where my brand new newsletter and service... the ETF Profit Report... becomes an invaluable tool in your investment arsenal.

As I said earlier, my research staff and I have spent months mining data and combing over the particulars of hundreds of ETFs to construct a portfolio we think will deliver noteworthy returns this year.

Jim Trippon
CPA Professional Fund Manager &
ETF Investing Expert

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About the Editor:

Jim Trippon is America's #1 rated authority on ETF stocks, and manages the investments of some of America's most wealthy families.

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes) are the most important financial inventions in decades. But with over 1,000 to choose from (and more coming on almost every day), you need a trusted expert to guide you through the confusing ETF maze.

Trippon applies the same highly-successful proprietary combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis with ETFs that he's used to provide market-beating returns in his other newsletters. He routinely triples the returns of the S&P 500 with this analysis.

ETF Profit Report is fast setting the standards that the other ETF newsletters must run against.

Trippon, a former Price Waterhouse CPA, has also worked inside China and has successfully invested in China's financial markets for years. Trippon divides his time between his offices in Mainland China and in Houston, Texas.

Of course, with 20 ETFs in our portfolio, not every selection is going to be perfect, but we're not going to let the laggards hang around for long.

ETFs are the perfect tools for sector and geographical rotation, so if our research turns up a better opportunity than a current holding is providing to subscribers, we'll simply move where the market is telling us better returns lie.

Left on your own, ETF selection is becoming almost as hard as picking individual stocks.

Remember, between ETFs and ETNs, there are now over 1,000 potential selections to sort through. And even if you have the skills to research and analyze them in the first place (they're a different animal than stocks and mutual funds, with their own characteristics), it's still a daunting task! 

But don't worry, with my ETF Profit Report, we have you completely covered there...

Click here to allow us to do the tedious sifting and sorting of over 1,000 ETFs and ETNs for you, and to provide the "best of the best" of them each week...

All The "Heavy Lifting"

Is Done For You...

Before launching ETF Profit Report, I studied a fair amount of the other ETF newsletters currently on the market.

Most were long on market commentary and short on explanations as to why they were recommending a particular position.

We're taking a different approach...

Yes, in each WEEKLY issue of ETF Profit Report there will be a commentary section, but this section will not be a means of diverting your attention from what's going on in our portfolio.

Many ETF newsletters provide little in the way of updates regarding their portfolio positions. I find this odd given how dynamic the ETF world is.

My promise to you is... you will NEVER be left wondering why I'm recommending an ETF. And you will never have to research the weekly events impacting any of our holdings.

I'm going to do the leg-work and the "heavy lifting" for you.

As I alluded to before... I've never been more excited about starting a new service or newsletter than I am with ETF Profit Report.

That's because of the gigantic profit potential I see ahead, in situations like these:

How we're going to exploit the continued weakness of the U.S. Dollar (I've got a couple of ETF choices in mind... either one of which could provide triple-digit percentage returns)...

Emerging markets ETFs were among the best performers in 2009 and saw huge inflows of new investments. I expect these trends to continue, and have made several picks from the two strongest markets in the world for the portfolio based on that thesis...

The current environment of low profit growth for domestic equities and the paltry interest rates offered by bonds and cash investments makes dividend investing all the more important. There are dozens of ETFs that feature nice payouts and strong yields, and I think I've found the "best of the best" for ETF Profit Report subscribers...

Energy is one sector to watch this year, and I've found some amazing ETFs in that area (we added one that was up almost 143% in 2009. It's profiting from the mega-growth of China, and I expect it to do even better this year)...

Speaking of China, I recently added two plays to capitalize on exploding small-cap stocks and the booming real estate market in that country (these plays are ultra-exciting, and should provide lots of Chinese "fireworks" for your investment portfolio in the coming months!)

And then there's the commodities market. We've found perhaps the perfect   hedge against the dollar's decline (while allowing potential price appreciation most traditional mutual fund managers would kill for)...

And you may find my other commodity ETF pick hard to believe... it's a play I'll bet you've never seen in any other newsletter or service (but one that... if my research is solid... could provide portfolio-enhancing returns you've not seen in a long time)...

Those are just a few examples of what you can expect from ETF Profit Report.

Concise commentary, in-depth research and cutting edge analysis provide a potent combination... and one we expect will make this year a great one for our subscribers.

We look forward to having you aboard!

Are you ready to repair, protect and enhance your portfolio with these "Perfect Investments? Click here and let us do the "heavy lifting" for you...

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And to "sweeten the deal"... we'll even throw in these six information-packed bonus reports, totally free of charge...

These Six Valuable Bonus Reports Are Yours... FREE Of Charge! 

In order to maximize your experience with ETF Profit Report, we've decided to include these six informative reports with your subscription.

In these complimentary reports, you'll discover everything from why ETFs have become so incredibly popular with all levels of investors, to our Top 10 ETF picks in two categories, to the intricacies of using complicated Inverse and Leveraged ETFs.

Once you master the information contained in these reports, you'll be armed with more ETF information than 99% of the investor population.

Here's what they're all about...

Free Report #1:

ETFs: An Essential Ingredient In Building An Optimal Portfolio

In this concise report, you'll learn a little about the history of ETFs, and you'll discover why ETFs have taken the investment world by storm with both retail and institutional investors alike.

You'll also find out:

  • How you can "own" 500 stocks with one trade
  • Why you may never want to own a traditional mutual fund again
  • How ETFs can be used by day traders and long-term investors alike to create profits in any time frame
  • Why ETFs have caused "diversification" to take on a radically different meaning, and how you can become completely diversified and hedged against in any market conditions using the proper combination of ETFs
  • How to use ETFs to avoid the complicated issues of individual stock picking forever
  • How  ETFs can help you reach near-perfect asset allocation, regardless of what your investment objectives are
  • The perfect solution for playing bear markets for huge gains
  • ... and much more

Free Report #2:

Top 10 International ETFs For This Year

From an investment standpoint, emerging and international markets are on fire!

And they are the most popular kids at the investment party, with good reason. In the U.S., a good quarter of GDP growth, when GDP growth actually resumes, would be something along the lines of three or four percent.

While most of the developed world has been searching for even scant GDP gains, China has been posting gains of eight percent or more. A three percent GDP gain in China wouldn't be a disappointment; it might be a borderline economic catastrophe!

The influx of assets to international ETFs over the past decade has been astounding.

These ETFs had just $64 billion in assets in early 1999 compared with $563 billion a decade later. Another interesting fact: Most pension funds only allocate five percent of their investments to emerging markets. If pension fund managers ever boost that figure, the inflows to international ETFs are likely to be even more staggering.

Want to know how to play the red-hot International ETFs without getting burned?

Then consider our Top 10 ETFs for 2011:

  • ETF #1 is an ideal choice for the investor new to emerging markets. The fund's top 10 holdings have a diverse country mix with Brazil, China, South Korea and Taiwan all represented... and most of the ETF's holdings are large caps names, so the risk profile here is relatively benign.
  • ETF #2 is a "must-have" asset in your international portfolio. This country's stock market was up over 60% in 2009, with no end in sight. In fact, the government is trying to cool the market down by imposing a foreign investor tax. And no... it's not China.
  • ETF #3 was up over 70% in 2009, but there is plenty of room for more growth. It's a pure play on a natural resource rich country in South America that avoided a recession and became one of the 30 richest countries in the world in 2009. Nope – it's not Brazil.
  • ETF #4 is a play on a major country which we think is about to come out of a gigantic recession. It's composed of small cap stocks from that country, which should explode to the upside if our prediction is true.
  • ETF #5 is invested in the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Each country brings something different to the table, and all four have shown rapid growth over the past few years. We expect that growth to continue.
  • ETF #6 is flying under the radar of most ETF investors. It's one of the few pure plays on another natural resource rich country, and also a great way to play the price appreciation of gold and silver.
  • ETF #7 is one of our favorite ETFs and has been recommended in our "China Stock Digest" newsletter. The country represented here is poised to benefit from China's soaring growth prospects, and this ETF is the ideal way to "play" that country.
  • ETF #8 is another pure play on a country with no other easy options to invest in it. The country's stock market is up over 160% since January 2009, a growth so impressive that Morgan Stanley suggested it be added to the BRIC acronym to form "BRIIC."
  • ETF #9 is a safe, conservative play for income investors on a "sleepy" European country whose stock market expanded over 80% in 2009. We'll take that kind of sleepiness any time, and we see even more growth in this country's immediate future.
  • Finally, we can't in our wildest dreams leave China out of the Top 10 ETFs. ETF #10 is the most widely-traded way to play the incredible China growth story, and is essential for a well-balanced international ETF portfolio.

Free Report #3:

How To Safely Play The Booming Commodities Market With ETFs

You're probably familiar with the "Wild West" arena known as the commodities market. Its frantic volatility is certainly appealing to many risk-taking traders.

Sure, you can make a quick fortune, but you can also wipe out your life savings just as fast if you're not careful.  So the commodities market has been off-limits to the average investor. That is, until now.

You now have the choice of dozens and dozens of ETFs that allow you to "play" the rough and tumble commodities market, while keeping risk to a minimum and your life savings safely intact.

But even with commodity ETFs, you still have to be careful, and understand what you're getting yourself into.

In this no-fluff report, you'll be brought up to speed on what's "behind the curtain" at commodity ETFs. 

Specifically, you'll discover:

  • How to tell if your commodity ETF actually holds the commodity itself rather than futures contracts, derivatives, etc. and why that's important
  • Why a $10 move in the underlying commodity does NOT mean a $10 move in the commodity's ETF
  • How to use commodity ETFs to profit from inflation and the decline of the U.S. Dollar
  • The name of the ETF that owns more physical gold than China and Switzerland combined
  • The best ETFs to play rising crude oil prices
  • The best ETFs to play the agricultural boom and rising food prices... while avoiding ultra-risky corn, soybean and wheat futures

As the global economy continues to improve, a new commodities bull market could begin to form... and we want to be there to deliver the profits to you.

Don't worry about having to do all the research on your own. Our new ETF Profits Report newsletter will regularly examine plenty of ETF selections from the commodities patch, with an emphasis on low-risk, high-reward names.

Free Report #4:

The Top 10 Income-Generating ETFs: A Dividend Lover's Dream Come True

There are plenty of flashy anecdotes that illustrate the importance of dividends, but we prefer a simpler view that drives the point home just fine:

Dividends represent free money... and... rare is the case where free money isn't a good thing.

Now, we're not saying pass on growth stocks altogether, but be advised stock-picking can be a tricky game and a burdensome endeavor.

So why not just find the best income-generating ETFs, and be done with it? That would be a very wise choice for most portfolios.

But where do you start?

With the world of ETFs rapidly expanding by the week, there is a dizzying array of choices facing income investors.

Don't worry. We've got you covered.

This report reveals 10 dividend ETFs loaded with income-generating potential:

  • ETF #1 is loaded with blue-chip names that have rich dividend histories.  (And for a recent 3-month period, this ETF turned in the same performance as the NASDAQ... the same time that Apple, Google and all turned in extremely bullish earnings announcements!)
  • ETF #2 is packed with high-yielding stocks... and its top holding is a Warren Buffett favorite (plus... the ETF itself yields a tidy 4.3%!)
  • ETF #3 features a current yield of a whopping 8%, and holds an enticing mix of international high yielders (so if you're on the hunt for global dividends, this is the ETF for you)
  • ETF #4 is the ideal vehicle if you're looking for a high-quality basket of stocks with high yields and low risk (to qualify for membership into this ETF, companies must have a track record of dividend increases for the past 10 years... and they must have sturdy balance sheets along with enviable competitive positions)
  • ETF #5 is for you if you're still concerned about the financial sector (its high-yield portfolio is absolutely devoid of financial companies, a rarity among income ETFs)
  • ETF #6 is the perfect solution If you're looking for quality, reliability and safety (30% of the ETF's holdings are in the rock-solid utilities sector, providing reliable, robust dividends)
  • ETF #7 provides a good way to diversify your portfolio, and is one of our favorite ETFs since it holds other entities than common stocks, such as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), preferred stocks, and closed-end funds (we absolutely LOVE MLPs as income-generating machines!)
  • ETF #8 yields an amazing 9.7%, and is another play on international equities (if you're willing to bet on a European recovery and South America's continued growth and need a nice yield while waiting... then this is the ETF for you!)
  • ETF #9 is entirely focused on financial securities (I know what you're thinking – "Are you kidding me? How can this be a conservative play?" Well, it's because this one's invested in ultra-safe preferred stocks, which pack quite a wallop dividends-wise, and it's also yielding a nice 9%)
  • ETF #10 combines the best of both worlds: the higher yields and dividends offered by international stocks and the high payouts, yields and dependability of the utilities sector (not to mention a mouth-watering yield of 10%!)

Free Report #5:

How To Play The Massive Bull Market In Precious Metals With ETFs

Whether it is demand for precious metals fueled by emerging markets or investors craving inflation and weak dollar protection, we believe the long-term trends for precious metals are decidedly bullish.

This report should serve as a primer on a few of the precious metals ETFs we think stand poised to reward investors in 2011 and beyond. 

In its pages, you'll discover:

  • The single best ETF to play gold, and the ETF where you can pocket TWICE the price action of the yellow metal
  • The best ETF to play the red-hot gold mining sector
  • The best ETF proxy for silver available to retail investors short of the futures markets
  • A highly interesting (and profitable) way to play gold and silver by investing in a single-country ETF
  • The two seldom-mentioned ETNs that allow a retail investor to be exposed to platinum, which is rarer than gold
  • The recently launched ETF to play palladium, a metal seen as a rival to platinum because it's cheaper, and whose price may be driven up dramatically in the next few months

Free Report #6:

Inverse And Leveraged ETFs: Plenty Of Peril To Go Along With All Those Profits

With the explosion of ETFs, it was only a matter of time before bearish investors demanded ETF solutions for them. They also wanted a vehicle that was much less risky than going out and shorting stocks.

Thus, Inverse and Leveraged ETFs were born.

Now bearish investors could simply purchase Inverse ETFs that bet against the market. Risk is lower than shorting stocks, and so are the expenses.

Furthermore, the zealous ETF creators went even one step further... why not also allow hyper-bullish or bearish investors into the party as well, with Leveraged ETFs that create double or triple the market's action... either up or down? And so it was done.

So Inverse and Leveraged ETFs the best of all worlds, right?

Well, not exactly...

In fact, there are various pitfalls related to these ETFs that can sabotage your portfolio if you're not extremely careful.

So in this report... perhaps for the first time... we're laying bare the real truth about Inverse and Leveraged ETFs the market makers don't want you to know.

In this concise report, you'll discover:

  • The crucial reasons why these instruments ARE NOT for everyone... and should be completely ignored in most cases...
  • Why bearish ETFs are not really what you think they are (HINT: It's in the way they accomplish their bearish objectives)...
  • Why holding certain Inverse ETFs long-term can murder your portfolio!
  • How Leveraged ETFs can be portfolio destroyers when misused
  • How a Leveraged bullish ETF can actually fall in value in a bull market, and how a Leveraged bearish ETF can fall in value in a bear market (It just makes no sense, until you know the secrets)...
  • Why the pros never hold these ETFs overnight...

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The Death Of "Buy And Hope" Investing

Listen... if the last ten years proved anything, it's this...

Long-term, buy and hold investing is dead... at least for the time being, and probably forever.

The reasons are many, and we don't have time to go into them here.

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  • Inverse And Leveraged ETFs: Plenty Of Peril To Go Along With All Those Profits

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